The first time I tried They're Real I absolutely hated it. I layered a couple coats on top of my Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara and my eyelashes soon turned in to a clumpy mess. The problem, I discovered, was that this mascara does not layer well. It dries extremely quickly and becomes quite hard when it does making it impossible to hesitate while layering it. 

I didn’t try They're Real again until a week or two later. This time, I tried it on my bare lashes and it actually worked wonders. When applied correctly, They're Real really does achieve the look of false eyelashes. It gave me long thick lashes that I can usually only create with the use of two different mascaras. The formula is very long lasting and looked the same to me at night as it did right after I applied it in the morning. 

The Verdict: I think the name They’re Real says it all. This mascara is thick and lengthening and quite noticeable. When applied carefully and quickly, it won’t clump or smudge, and will leave you with thick lengthened lashes. 

 They're Real(US $23.00 for .30 oz / 8.5 g)

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